Let’s Kiss Our Arses Goodbye, Pt. 2


Paul Sellars wrote:

>Jyoti Mishra wrote:
>In completely un-related news, I’ve just about got my fallout >bunker finished… I haven’t felt this apocalyptic since the ’80s…

It is slightly terrifying, I grant you.

Are you assuming that the US is allowing Israel a free hand in the hope of provoking Iran to intervene, thereby providing a pre-text for an attack?

It’s difficult to see how else to read it.

I got the above email this morning. I had hoped Paul would have a different, more positive perspective. Ah well… paranoid lefties think alike, I guess.

Let’s see…

The US lets Israel bludgeon Lebanon illegally, it even speeds up the sale of weapons to help in the slaughter. They know this will stoke anti-Western and anti-Israel feeling hugely in the region. Iran snaps and attacks Israel, then the US has the perfect excuse to attack Iran: the defence of Israel.

The War On Terror continues, both sides have hundreds of thousands of fresh new recruits, willing to murder for their side. And the US gets to engage in another of its necessary wars to further its goal of global military supremacy.

And those of us caught in the crossfire? We get to watch our loved ones blown up by suicide bombers from one side and US munitions from the other.

Better make the most of every day…