Terrorism Explained

Israel Attacks Beirut
Above, definitely not Israeli terrorism.

Israeli warplanes have struck at suspected Hezbollah sites in Sidon and the capital Beirut.

In Sidon, 14 people were injured and a mosque was destroyed in the first strikes on the southern port city.

The UN’s humanitarian chief Jan Egeland has been touring shattered districts of Beirut, and said the devastation was “a violation of humanitarian law”.
(Source: BBC News)

People often email me, asking, “Jyoti, as a professional musician and songwriter, can you explain to me what terrorism is? Because I sure don’t want to inadvertently support it!”

So, here you go, folks!

* When the USA and UK launch an illegal invasion of Iraq and rocket attacks against Iraqi civilians, killing up to 100,000 non-combatants, that isn’t terrorism. That is liberation.

* When Hamas and Hizbullah launch rocket attacks against the Israeli army, that is terrorism. You can’t shoot at Israeli soldiers shooting at you, that simply isn’t fair.

*If any Israeli civilian is killed as a result of a bomb or rocket attack, that is terrorism. If the Israelis kill Palestinian, Lebanese or any other Arab civilian (or, indeed, bulldoze US citizens to death) that isn’t terrorism.

Have you got it now? It’s simple:

Anything the UK, US or Israel does is not terrorism. Doesn’t matter how many children we blow up, it’s all very fine and moral.

Anything an Arab individual or nation (or North Korea) does is terrorism.

A rough rule of thumb here is that one Israeli life is worth maybe 100 or 500 Arab lives. And one American or British life is worth, say, 10,000 Iraqi lives. Once you understand this, you can see how justified we are in murdering Iraqis and stealing their oil our grand liberation. Also, it’ll help explain why our television spends so long on the death of US, UK and Israeli citizens while Arab deaths never get mentioned. Not enough have been killed.

There you go, simple! Who said politics was complicated!?