Adult Swim On Bravo!

Adult Swim


If you’ve never wondered at the majesty of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, roiled at the rhymes of Brak or watched Sealab 2021, now’s your chance. Adult Swim, the thingy that contains all these marvellous creations is now on Bravo, every night from 12am.

Finally, you’ll be able to work out what the hell that Danger Doom album was all about. For me it is too late – I’ve bought all the bleedin’ DVDs! Mwahahahhah! Whassat? You want some legal, free Danger Doom tunes? Well, click here, monkeyboy and revel in the FREEE ‘Occult Hymn EP.’

And Matty, just for you, here’s a link to loads of video clips so you can easily annoy everone at work. 🙂