Galloway – Another Perspective

Gorgeous George, the gobshite

All today, the news has been buzzing with the story about George Galloway saying that the murder of Tony Blair may be “morally justifiable.”

Let’s leave aside my personal dislike for all career politicians. Let’s also leave aside any question of whether he was misinterpreted or not. Here’s my question to you:

Why is this news?

Okay, Galloway opened his big flapping gob and, as usual, stuck his foot smartly in it. But this story has been top news on TV, radio and the web all day. Yet, when hundreds of thousands march against the invasion of Iraq, bringing London to a standstill, it doesn’t even warrant a passing mention in the national media. One gobshite spouting off – newsworthy. A mass demonstration – not newsworthy.

So, that’s my first point.

Secondly, this story is generally being reported in a “How awful! Look at how evil this Galloway nutter is!” manner. Now if Galloway had called for the murder of Blair (which he didn’t), yes, that would be awful. But every report flashes the headline about “Galloway calls for Blair’s death” and then, in the first sentence, has to point out that he emphatically didn’t; he’s actually saying he’d understand why an Iraqi might want Blair dead. The whole story is a non-story, cheap sensationalism from our increasingly desperate and vacant mass media.

Lastly, why is it so terrible for Galloway to be sanguine at the possible murder of Blair? After all, Butcher Blair, Brown, Hoon, Reid and all the other war criminals of New Labour have helped kill over 100,000 Iraqis. Galloway is tarred with wanting Blair dead (which he doesn’t, actually) but Blair and the murderers running this country are never even asked about the people they have, in fact, murdered.

Tony Blair is personally responsible for the British bombs dropped on Iraq. He ordered the murder of those civilians. He thinks it was “necessary.” And yet, not once has anyone in our yellow mass media pulled him up on this in the way they have with Galloway over an imagined murder. Put simply, this is the question that should be asked:

“Prime Minister, do you think it’s morally justifiable that you lied to this country and mislead Parliament, taking us into an illegal invasion which has now killed over 100,000 Iraqi civilians? Is it morally okay to murder civilians so you can shore-up Britain’s relationship with the USA?”

But our media never asks that question. Instead, we’re fed tabloid half-stories like the Galloway non-event and endless World Cup and Big Brother shite. Anything to keep the public distracted from the real issues that will affect their lives and futures.

This is why the old media has had its day. It’s toothless and corrupt to the core. Time to wave it goodbye!