Bzangy at Red

So, after the confusion of last week, I can tell you with a Newtonian certainty that I will be DJing this Saturday at Red, Friargate, Derby (used to be The Gatehouse). I’ll be in the small room upstairs from 11pm but it’s open from 10 with the Sick To Death Disco kids rocking it downstairs. I have no idea what the price will be yet, but it’s probably going to be around three or four quid.

I’m pretty excited about this as it’s years since I’ve DJed in a club on a Saturday. And back then I was doing far more tabloid DJing. This time round, it’ll be the hardcore Bzangy experience – I’ve warned the promoter that my mix of music is extremely non-mainstream.

So, if you fancy a bop to some of the best new tunes around (and perhaps a couple from 1932), come along on Saturday night. 😀