I May / May Not Be DJing This Friday

… at Red (used to be the Gatehouse), on Friargate, Derby.

Am I DJing Or Not This Friday?
A Bargmann-Husimi representation of my current DJing status

Whether it’ll be happening or not is currently in a state of superposition. I expect the wave function to be collapsed around 10pm on Friday although it’d be nice to have it sorted earlier. Hence this rather vague post. Of course, I could well be DJing and not DJing in two parallel universes, with no collapsing going on at all. But it would still be nice to know which universe I’m in, innit?

I will / won’t be starting around 10pm and continuing / not continuing till 3am. It will / won’t be my usual mix of many genres, which you can examine by clicking here.

I hope I will / won’t see you there!

The Schrodinger’s cat is now out of the box. And it’s quite dead – I’m not DJing… 🙁