Your Council Tax Funds Murder

Halliburton funded by our council taxes

I just got an email from Daniel PandA with a link to the following article:

Almost all local authorities in Britain hold investments in the world’s largest weapons companies, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

The figures show that they invest £723m in 15 of the largest international arms companies. This is more than double what local authorities spend on promoting local enterprise and new businesses across Britain, says the Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Caat, which conducted the FoI exercise. It found that 67 of Britain’s 99 council pension funds invest nearly £244m in BAE Systems, the UK’s largest arms company. One in three council pension funds help to finance the manufacture of nuclear weapons through investments in Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest arms company, according to Caat. It says they are investing £20m in Lockheed, which manufactures Trident nuclear missiles for the US and Britain and is a contractor at the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment, which produces and maintains the UK’s nuclear warheads.
(Source: The Guardian)

What the fuck?

Is it too much to ask that my council tax doesn’t help murder children? What gives a local council the right to invest money in these companies? There are plenty of ethical investment funds around now that could work as well for them.

And look at this shit:

The study found that 33 councils hold investments worth £33m in Halliburton, the US military services conglomerate whose subsidiaries in Iraq are embroiled in allegations of overpricing and faulty accounting. Halliburton denies the allegations.
(Source: The Guardian)

Halliburton? Why not give my money directly to Satan?

I’m sorry, I’m too angry about this to post anything very coherent or constructive at the moment. Please read the full article, linked above, for the true horror.

And then think, the next time you’re wondering why your bin collection isn’t very good or the bus service is a bit crappy, ‘ah well, it’s far more important to take my council tax money and invest it in blowing Iraqi children to bits.’

Campaign Against the Arms Trade

Two Cheeks Of The Same Arse

George Galloway

George Galloway, in an interview with The Metro in london on Tuesday –

“The Metro – Will Gordon Brown make a better Labour leader?

Galloway – Gordon Brown and Tony Blair are two cheeks of the same arse.”

(Source: Steve Lawson)

Classic Galloway.

In terms of the persecution he’s received, how the masses have been brainwashed to hate him and the unquestioning derision heaped upon him by the media, surely Galloway is the Noughties Derek Hatton.

Hatton was the major reason I joined the Militant. In the mid-’80s, he was the most villified lefty in Britain. I’d see him on telly every night getting barracked by reporters. But every time, motormouth Del would win. He’d turn every personal attack on him into a class attack on Thatcher and capitalism.

So one day, I walked up to a bloke selling the Militant in Derby, where the fat ram statue is now, and bought a copy. I was a ball of unfocussed rage and revenge. But I’ve rambled about this before

I don’t think Galloway has the same class appeal. But anyone who can disrupt and enrage the New Labour coterie of war criminals is alright in my book.

Whatever, he’s a politician and all politicians are cunts. In the end, you have to ask yourself: who’s killed more people, Blair or Galloway?

UKIP Hypocrite

Roger Knapman - the fucking idiot

As leader of the anti-immigration UK Independence Party, Roger Knapman has railed against eastward expansion of the European Union and opposed the use of imported labour.

However, political doctrine appears to have given way to the need for thrifty home improvement; Mr Knapman has hired cheap Polish builders to do up his country mansion, it was revealed yesterday.
(Source: The Independent)

I’ve seen Roger Knapman on the telly being interviewed. He’s a racist. Like the BNP bootboys, he can’t admit that in public, of course, but it’s all there in his xenophobic spiel. He’s also a classic petit-bourgeois fascist: he’s turned to the right not due to any insane philosophical delusions but through myopic selfishness. He’s basically a Tory.

Therefore, I’m not surprised by the above news story. It’s typical of our politicians, whatever flavour, that they say one thing and then do the opposite. This is no different to a Labour politician sending their kids to a fee-paying school.

But I wonder what the nutjobs who are UKIP supporters will make of Knapman’s praise of foreign workers in preference to Brits?

What makes the story even funnier is that the Little Englander’s son dedicates his working life to sourcing cheap immigrant labour:

Mr Knapman, an MEP and the UKIP’s leader since 2002, recruited the workers through his son, whose company specialises in bringing foreign labour to Britain.
(Source: The Independent)

Does no-one in UKIP see the contradictions here? How can you be a racist party and have a leader who loves immigrant labour and relaxed international labour flow?

Oh, what a world, what a world…