Chris Martin + Constanza, Live At The Bless

Chris Martin

I took a few pics at the excellent gig last night, featuring Constanza, Chris Martin and You Slut. They’re pretty dark as I couldn’t get the big stage lights put on but some of them have come out okay.


Sadly, no new pics of the Slutsters this time, if you’re missing their glory, click here.

Click here for the Constanza pics and here for the Chris Martin pics!

Galloway – Another Perspective

Gorgeous George, the gobshite

All today, the news has been buzzing with the story about George Galloway saying that the murder of Tony Blair may be “morally justifiable.”

Let’s leave aside my personal dislike for all career politicians. Let’s also leave aside any question of whether he was misinterpreted or not. Here’s my question to you:

Why is this news?

Okay, Galloway opened his big flapping gob and, as usual, stuck his foot smartly in it. But this story has been top news on TV, radio and the web all day. Yet, when hundreds of thousands march against the invasion of Iraq, bringing London to a standstill, it doesn’t even warrant a passing mention in the national media. One gobshite spouting off – newsworthy. A mass demonstration – not newsworthy.

So, that’s my first point.

Secondly, this story is generally being reported in a “How awful! Look at how evil this Galloway nutter is!” manner. Now if Galloway had called for the murder of Blair (which he didn’t), yes, that would be awful. But every report flashes the headline about “Galloway calls for Blair’s death” and then, in the first sentence, has to point out that he emphatically didn’t; he’s actually saying he’d understand why an Iraqi might want Blair dead. The whole story is a non-story, cheap sensationalism from our increasingly desperate and vacant mass media.

Lastly, why is it so terrible for Galloway to be sanguine at the possible murder of Blair? After all, Butcher Blair, Brown, Hoon, Reid and all the other war criminals of New Labour have helped kill over 100,000 Iraqis. Galloway is tarred with wanting Blair dead (which he doesn’t, actually) but Blair and the murderers running this country are never even asked about the people they have, in fact, murdered.

Tony Blair is personally responsible for the British bombs dropped on Iraq. He ordered the murder of those civilians. He thinks it was “necessary.” And yet, not once has anyone in our yellow mass media pulled him up on this in the way they have with Galloway over an imagined murder. Put simply, this is the question that should be asked:

“Prime Minister, do you think it’s morally justifiable that you lied to this country and mislead Parliament, taking us into an illegal invasion which has now killed over 100,000 Iraqi civilians? Is it morally okay to murder civilians so you can shore-up Britain’s relationship with the USA?”

But our media never asks that question. Instead, we’re fed tabloid half-stories like the Galloway non-event and endless World Cup and Big Brother shite. Anything to keep the public distracted from the real issues that will affect their lives and futures.

This is why the old media has had its day. It’s toothless and corrupt to the core. Time to wave it goodbye!

Invisibility For Real

Metamaterial invisibility

Forget Harry Potter and his “invisibility cloak” — theoretical physicists in the UK and US have proposed a clever way of making objects invisible. It would involve surrounding the object by a “metamaterial” — a type of composite material that has unusual electromagnetic properties. According to the researchers, light rays incident on the material would be bent around the object, only to emerge on the other side in exactly the same direction as they began. Although the work is only theoretical, the researchers reckon that materials invisible to radio waves could be produced within five years.
(Source: PhysicsWeb)

Hmmm… invisible to radio waves, eh? I’m guessing this work is going to get a very sudden splurge of military investment.

What would you use an invisibility bodysuit for? Can you guess what I’d do with one? 😀

The Cost Of Suppressing Dissent

British Democracy - Gagging Brian Haw

Scotland Yard was accused of stifling protest and of “huge overkill” after the disclosure that 78 police officers had been used in the operation to remove placards from the anti-war demonstrator Brian Haw.

The early-morning raid by the Metropolitan Police to dismantle a wall of banners and flags on Parliament Square, outside the House of Commons, on Tuesday cost £7,200.
(Source: The Independent)

Read those figures again.

78 police officers


But those aren’t the only costs. There’s a term in economics called opportunity cost:

Opportunity cost is a term used in economics to mean the cost of something in terms of an opportunity forgone (and the benefits that could be received from that opportunity), or the most valuable forgone alternative. For example, if a city decides to build a hospital on vacant land that it owns, the opportunity cost is some other thing that might have been done with the land and construction funds instead. In building the hospital, the city has forgone the opportunity to build a sporting center on that land, or a parking lot, or the ability to sell the land to reduce the city’s debt, and so on.
(Source: Wikipedia)

So we have the cost of arresting Brian Haw and removing his placards (and freedom of speech): £7,200. But the opportunity cost is what those 78 police officers could have done had they not been employed in a purely political capacity to silence the most famous anti-war protestor in Britain. As I said in my post a couple of days ago, those 78 officers could have been patrolling the streets, dissuading muggers and pickpockets. Or perhaps involved in apprehending real criminals.

It’s all a question of priorities. And it’s clear that the Metropolitan Police regard harassing Brian Haw as a higher priority than protecting Londoners.

More Police Harassment of Haw

Brian Haw, British dissident

The veteran peace activist Brian Haw was stripped of his anti-war banners and placards by up to 50 police officers in an early-morning raid in Parliament Square yesterday.

There were chaotic and farcical scenes as police wrestled with nine dishevelled protesters led by Mr Haw, and a 40-metre line of anti-war placards, including two donated by the graffiti artist Banksy, was dismantled and dumped in a metal container. Two demonstrators, Martin McGrath and Maria Gallastegui, who tried to climb the metal container to salvage the placards, were arrested. Mr Haw claimed that officers had seized his “personal belongings” as well, including bedding, clothes and a treasured Bible.
(Source: The Independent)

Remember this article I posted up, ‘How The Police Waste Their Time And Your Money?’

Well, our wonderful bobbies are at it again!

They thought about perhaps catching some burglars, rapists or muggers. But that seemed a load of work. So they didn’t bother. Instead, 50 of them turned up to arrest one pacifist protestor and remove placards declaring that the UK government is a bunch of war criminals and mass-murderers.

How much did this police operation cost, in money and time? Why is Brian Haw such a pressing problem for the Met? Has crime in the rest of London ceased?

Brian Haw is clearly a political dissident. As much as Chinese dissidents targeted by their repressive, totalitarian government, Haw has now become a political target of the Blair junta. Nothing else can explain the immense resources targeted at silencing him. Look at this picture:

Police harrassment of Brian Haw

Was it really necessary for a fully-trained police officer to carry away those teddies? Are they more dangerous on the streets than the guns and knives of the villains he could have caught instead?

In London, while this shocking harassment was being carried out, I have no doubt that some people were mugged, beaten-up, robbed. Maybe worse. Perhaps those crimes wouldn’t have happened if the police acted as police and not Blair’s political minions.

And here’s another essential task the cops carried out:

Police harassment of Brian Haw

There you go, we can all sleep much more safely in our beds now that peace banner has been dealth with.

Can you believe this is happening in our country? Why isn’t this the top news on every TV channel?

Click here for the Parliament Square Peace Campaign website, all the pictures in this post were nicked from this Indymedia article.

The Shape Of Bzangy

Google Analytics Graphic

I installed Google Analytics last week and it’s coming up with some interesting stats. I seem to be getting around 130 visitors a day to Bzangy, which I think is quite impressive for as minority interest a website as this. If you look at the pic above, you can see the peak in visits / page views after last Friday. That’s when I posted up the pics from Red so I’m guessing a lot of people were coming here to find pics of themselves 🙂

Google Analytics Graphic

I’m looking forward to the data building up. Studying the map above, you can see how the people who read Bzangy mostly come from the USA and Europe – no surprises there. But it would be cool to see more dots from outside that area. Then again, this is an English-only website so I know I’m limiting my audience there.

Google Analytics Graphic

Ahh, now that’s strange. The ‘More Secrets…’ post seems very popular and it’s basically just a link to PostSecret. Hmmm… Good to see the laptop DJing article is still being hit, even if it’s getting a wee bit old now. (I haven’t directly linked to those posts now because that would just skew the stats.)

Google Analytics Graphic

I’m impressed by the variety of browsers. A few years ago, that would have all just been Internet Explorer. A lot of Bzangy readers are Firefox users – I wonder if that’s partly due to the geekiness of Bzangy attracting geeks? And if you add both Opera versions together, that’s doing well too.

Google Analytics Graphic

I’m very surprised that 640 x 480 doesn’t appear above at all. I know it’s a pretty ancient res but I’ve seen it still trundling away happily on crappy Uni CRTs. Instead, we have all manner of wild high resolutions. And which of you is running at 1600 x 1200? Now that’s just showing off…

Well, that’s a round-up of the shape of Bzangy (and you lot) at the moment. I’m going to leave it a bit longer and then sift through the data to try and see what needs tweaking. Already, I’m not so worried about looking rubbish on low-res screens as 800 x 600 is the bottom end. Now I’ll have to sort through the exit and entrance points to see if I can make the site more accessible.

Anyway, I’m knackered now so that’ll all have to wait. Byeee!