Month: April 2006

  • How The Police Waste Their Time And Your Money PART 2

    “Hello, hello – where’s the darkies that need beating up then?” Remember this rant? Well, on Friday, some friends of mine got attacked by vicious thugs. And where were the police? No fucking where. And here’s the bittersweet irony – guess who drums for this band? Yep, Daniel, who sent me this email: Im probably…

  • Frog!

    We had a small visitor in our garden. Click here for the piccies!

  • Synth Macros

    Earlier on, I took some synth porn macros. Mmmm… knobtastic! Click here for the piccies!

  • A Tumour With Your Mobile, Sir?

    STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – The use of mobile phones over a long period of time can raise the risk for brain tumors, a new Swedish study said on Friday, contradicting the conclusions of other researchers. “The study also shows that the rise in risk is noticeable for tumors on the side of the head where the…

  • Bring The Warmongers To Account

    Sign the call for a tribunal into the Iraq war Total signatures: Add your name> TONY BENN leads a campaign to investigate breaches of The Nuremberg Charter and Geneva and Hague Conventions during the Iraq War and occupation. Read the letter and submission Read reply from UN Secretary-General’s office: “your letter raises matters which are…

  • Notes For Converts

    Via the ever more reclusive and Hughesian Paul Sellars: Your ideas and your policies have promoted selfishness, greed, short-term solutions, bullying, and pain for others. You have looked in the faces of children and denied the existence of a “common good”. You have disdained and denied the idea of “altruism”. At one time, our bureaucracy…

  • London Road

    Click here to see a few pics that I took on London Road recently.