Huge NY Antiwar Protest

New York Antiwar Protest April 29th, 2006

NEW YORK – Tens of thousands of protesters marched Saturday through lower Manhattan to demand an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, just hours after this month’s death toll reached 70.

The demonstrators stretched for about 10 blocks as they headed down Broadway. Organizers said 300,000 people marched, though a police spokesman declined to give an estimate. There were no reports of arrests.

Organizers said the march was also meant to oppose any military action against Iran, which is facing international criticism over its nuclear program. The event was organized by the group United for Peace and Justice.

“We’ve been lied to, and they’re going to lie to us again to bring us a war in Iran,” said Marjori Ramos, 43, of New York. “I’m here because I had a lot of anger, and I had to do something.”

The death toll in Iraq for April was the highest for a single month in 2006. At least 2,399 U.S. military members have died since the war began. An Army soldier was the latest victim, killed Saturday in a roadside explosion in Baghdad.
(Source: Yahoo)

I didn’t find any reports about this demo until I checked the Stop The War site.


Again, the British mass media proves its bias. It believes that where John Prescott put his penis is more important than a demonstration of 300,000 people in New York.

There are more photos here. Take a look at them, look at those hundreds of thousands of Americans marching for peace, for freedom and against the tyranny of the Bush regime. They heard the lies about Iraq and the Iran spin won’t work with them. It’s an astounding sight, seeing all those ordinary people denying and refuting the propaganda of their glorious leaders.

It’s these leaders who have glibly sent 2,399 Americans to a needless, pointless death. How many of them would send their own sons and daughters to die in a crusade for oil and power? How many would risk their own pampered hides?

I’d love to shake the hand of every single person who marched on Saturday. But seeing as that would take rather a long time, I’ll just send you all a transatlantic hug instead. Keep on keeping on!