Keyvan Minoukadeh

Spain by Keyvan Minoukadeh
All pics in this post by Keyvan

I love taking photos. I’ve even been lucky enough to get paid to take photos and had them published. But I know when someone has a better eye than me. It makes me jealous, sad and a bit crazy but you have to realise, as an artist, when someone is just better than you.

One of those many people is Keyvan Minoukadeh. I’ve known Keyvan for years and lately he’s been kind enough to be my webhost. Although he’s only taken up SLR photography recently, his pictures are some of the most magical I’ve ever seen from any photographer. And he’s a relative beginner, damn him! 😀

Angels by Keyvan Minoukadeh

Whether it’s people or architecture, cats or landscapes, his pictures have a quality that mine rarely have but that I strive for: they hit you. I see a pic by Keyvan and it’s BOOM! He’s simply got an amazing natural eye for images.

Cat by Keyvan Minoukadeh

So, if you’d like to feast your eyes on some absolutely gorgeous photography, please head over to Keyvan’s Gallery.

I’m going to go and have a look again in a bit. After I’ve stopped crying.