How The Police Waste Their Time And Your Money PART 2

PC Plod
“Hello, hello – where’s the darkies that need beating up then?”

Remember this rant?

Well, on Friday, some friends of mine got attacked by vicious thugs. And where were the police?

No fucking where.

And here’s the bittersweet irony – guess who drums for this band? Yep, Daniel, who sent me this email:

Im probably only emailimg you this because on saturday i was entrapped by the police, got the sack and i am also going to have to pay an £80 fine for the privilege.

So, the Notts police manage to have enough time and money to entrap Daniel but when his band is attacked by a bunch of thugs they don’t even bother turning up.

Got to love our boys in blue. They’ve got their priorities well sorted. Why deal with violent villains when you can entrap pubworkers and hassle kids for smoking a bit of weed?