Filmmakers Against War

Filmmakers Against War

Filmmakers Against War are a collective of activists, filmmakers and artists who are using their creative skills to help raise the awareness of UK and International War Laws.

Filmmakers Against War seeks to educate and raise awareness of UK and international war law, and to highlight military actions that have been taken now and in the past, which violate these laws.

Filmmakers Against War will where possible report on legal actions undertaken by other groups or individuals, and inform the public on steps ordinary individuals or groups can take.

Filmmakers Against War would like to see an end to war and conflict, an end to the arms trade, and for those who are suspected of war crimes and crimes against humanity to be brought to justice. If we are to live in a world of peace it must be through the implementation of international law.

They are our laws so let’s uphold them. It is our justice system so let’s use it. They are our leaders so let’s prosecute them. It’s our world so let’s reclaim it.

If you would like to become involved, or would like more information please contact

Ta to Danyul for the link, please check out Filmmakers Against War.