Bless Playlist 23/3/06


Top new track this week was the amazing ‘Politricks’ by Akir. Here’s a snippet from the final verse:

I got a letter from my brother
Said the media confuse ya
The Army Navy game
Was slippin’ Quarters from Fallujah
No proper armor when they move us
Damn we trapped
Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis surround us in Iraq
Kerry lost
Colin Powell threw in the towel
Ashcroft assed off
The shit is even getting more foul
Network, of elected delegates
Are all derelicts
Look how shiesty Kerry get
Damn it’s all relevant
It’s never how they tell it is
So I gotta get my shit straight
And handle my biz
The next time I have to go vote
I might go
Plus I heard there’s a lot of jobs
And lot of fine ass hos, in Ohio

‘Politricks’ has some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s a brutal mix of humour and horror, despair and hope. Reading them above doesn’t do them justice – you have to hear Akir’s incredible flow. His timing is immaculate, surreal. And it’s set in a spooky, oppressive beat that frames it perfectly. Akir’s album, ‘Legacy,’ was released this Monday. It’s an essential album for 2006.

The Wedding Present

The best old track was ‘I’m Not Always So Stupid’ by The Wedding Present. Smashing song featuring classic Weddoes cheese-grater guitar.

Tonight, you heard:

Actarus – Hundekeks
The Invisible Cities – Instaglo
Perspects – Desire And Efficency
LA Symphony – Broken Now
Soundtrak – Available Memory
The Radio Dept. – The Worst Taste In Music
Murs – Murray’s Law
Casco – Cybernetic Love
Mclusky – Gareth Brown Says
Ghostface Killah – R.A.G.U.
Love Is All – Talk Talk Talk Talk
Ghosty – Hey! Somebody
Ellen Allien & Apparat – Under
Masta Killa – Ringing Bells
Serena Maneesh – Drain Cosmetics
Cyne – Automaton
Venetian Snares – Twelve
Band Of Horses – The First Song
People Under The Stairs – Tuxedo Rap
The Knife – Silent Shout
Converge – Death King
Loney, Dear – The City, The Airport
Akir – Politricks
Clark – Re-Scar Kiln
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Parakit
Wedding Present – I’m Not Always So Stupid
Apathy – Th Buck Stops Here
Miwon – Brother Mole
Rufus Wainwright – California
Substance Abuse – Collateral Damage
Alias – Life Is But A…
Tapes ‘N Tapes – Crazy Eights
The Samuel Jackson Five – If You Show Off The Milk…
Jel – WMD
Most Valuable Players – Stockholm Doesn’t Belong To Me
Goudron – Art School Fuckheads
Kelley Stoltz – Birdies Singing
Guru – Hood Dreamin
Frog Pocket – Celebrimbor Tur-Anion
Grandaddy – Elevate Myself
MF Grimm – Get Down Feat. DJ Ekim
Agent Simple – Make A Right At Jordfallsmotet
Matmos – Solo Buttons For Joe Meek
Sage Francis – Gunz Yo
Black Lipstick – Viva Max
EU – Rilly
The Decemberists – The Engine Driver
Danger Doom – El Chupa Nibre
Vapnet – Kalla Mig
Jeans Team – Baby 3=1+2
The Perceptionists – Memorial Day
The Unicorns – The Clap
Cylob – Flicklife (Cylob Mix)