Recording Frenzy

Heavenly Pop Hits Records

Last night, I finished the final track for a 7″ EP soon to be released on the Swedish indie label, Heavenly Pop Hits.

I’ve been writing and recording like mad lately, often doing a song a weekend. This is partly the sprouting of the seeds laid by my gigs in Sweden last year and partly that I’ve changed a lot of my old working practices.

The main difference now is that I’ve stopped using non-dedicated computers to record music. I’m now using a Yamaha AW2400 which is, of course, a computer but it’s one dedicated to recording, equipped with all the lovely buttons and flying faders any modern musician needs. It’s amazingly fast and intuitive to use and never gets in the way of my creative process.

I won’t go over old ground covered in a previous rant but suffice it to say that I wrote and recorded an entire instrumental last night and mastered it this morning. The one time I tried to use Logic Pro 7.2 last night, it took nine minutes to open a song. And even then, it didn’t find any of the old EXS instruments I used on the track. All the while, the AW was sitting next to my Mac, laughing at it’s crapness and un-musicality.

You know, I love making music! 😀