Jyoti’s Panty Pads

Elektron Monomachine

You may remember that I’ve fallen in love with the wee beastie above: the Elektron Monomachine.

I had a mess around making some pads with this not-really-very-monophonic-at-all synthbeatbox. And, as I’m lovely, I’ve decided to share my labours with you. So if you’re a lucky tyke with a Monomachine, download the sysex file and get padding!


I saved the pattern from H01, dunno if that makes any difference as I’ve never done it before!

Now, as for the sounds:

1. Standard floaty pad. Swave Saw, lfos -> unison, filter width and panning for a wee bit of movement.

2. Liquidy Pad – Swav pulse, lfos -> UNIW and filter base. Again, not too exciting so should be backgroundy.

3. Brassy pad – lfos -> pitch, filt env, resonance. This is far more blarty and obvious, more animated. But you can back the blarty bit back by reducing the filter eg amount.

4. Kraftwerky ensemble – lfos -> vibrato. Pretty simple one-finger-chord jobby, just a bit of vib to liven it up.

5. Dpro wave – lfos -> synth WP, WP and to delay time for a delayed wacky harmoniser effect. Now this is far more intrusive, not that much use as a trad pad.

6. GND sin – lfos -> pitch vib, dist, dist. This is just me mucking about, to be honest. Probably better labelled as an ‘atmosphere’ or something rather than a pad. The sound does evolve for quite a long while if you hold it down.

Bear in mind that all the above were programmed to be played in poly mode. They do work in mono, of course, but even the ensemble sounds better in poly because of the note overlaps.

Have fun! 😀