Fuck MySpace, Let’s DANCE!

Fred & Ginger

You may already know that I’m not enamoured of MySpace and its Sith owner. So I’ve defected (back) to Friendster.

But I thought that I should point out that Last.fm has become even more fun lately due to the new shoutboxes. These are little comment thingies on the right, the same as you get on MySpace but not dripping with the ichor of a cruel overlord.

Last.fm is now my most-visited website. I love spying on what my friends (or random strangers) are listening to. And now the shoutboxes mean that you can pop up and say silly things like “SKWBN ROCK!” or whatever without the formality of a PM. Thank god the pages aren’t tweakable: I’ve lost countless retinal cells to the psychotic layouts of MySpace emokids.

You can sample my listening tastes by connecting to Jyoti Mishra Radio, thanks to Last.fm. Just this feature is amazing as it means I can listen to my music wherever I am in the world, as long as I’m near a web connection. Pretty cool, eh? 😀

So, pop along and join in the fun, if you haven’t already. You’ll discover gorgeous new tunes, make mates with musical fellow travellers and have fun snooping on who’s listening to what.

Just remember to give me a shout!

EDIT! —-

Forgot to pimp my Last.fm groups.