Why I Love The Net (Part 131, 072)

Victor Scott

From Victor Scott to me
06:00 (13 hours ago)

Hi Jyoti, thanks for the post!

I wish I could hear your set! so much great stuff!

your photo is so familiar too …. I think I must’ve seen it on
myspace, or something. too bad about the rupert murdoch thing though.

all the best,

Y’see, instead of trying to throw music fans in prison, like the RIAA and BPI, Victor Scott takes the time to find out who’s playing his music, email them and thank them.

Funny that, eh? If he was on a major label he’d probably just be whingeing about the “evil downloaders” or waiting for his A&R to pick his nose for him.

Every time I’ve played his fantastic ‘Chimp Farm’ when I’ve DJed, I’ve had people come up and ask me about it. Yep, it’s that catchy, in a Looney Tunes kind of way.

Please click here to have a listen to and buy his albums. C’mon – three quid! That’s cheaper than spending the time trying to download them illegally! 😀