Goodbye Firefox…Hello, Camino!


(If you’re not a Mac OSX user, you can safely skip this article.)

This week I waved goodbye to Firefox. The OSX version has been flakey as fuck for a while now and I finally got fed-up with it falling over. So… what to use instead?

Safari is okay but still doesn’t work with lots of sites. For example, it still doesn’t display those nifty tag buttons in the above pic when you’re using WordPress. It’s not bad, just a bit clunky and bleah.

I know many peeps love Opera but I find it often renders pages a bit bizarrely. Its text handling seems a tad unpredictable.

So, I finally went with Camino. For a lot of the following reasons:

Sure, you can use a typical web browser, with typical features. Or you can use a browser that “also” supports the Mac. Or you can use a browser you have to pay for. What if one browser offered everything, for free?

That browser is Camino. Camino makes your web experience more productive, more efficient, more secure, and more fun. It looks and feels like a Mac OS X application should because it was designed exclusively for Mac OS X and the high standards set by its users. You’ll see the entire internet the way it was intended. Camino is the browser that gets out of your way, and that means Camino users need not worry about things they shouldn’t have to.
(Source: Camino)

It imported all my bookmarks flawlessly and it hasn’t fallen over once. I can now even run Flash so I can see all those pesky sites that make you wait half an hour just to render a shitty animation that you never wanted to see in the first place. Mmm… great!

So, if you’re an OSX user who hasn’t given Camino a go, try it out. It’s snappier than Safari, better-looking than Opera and more stable than Firefox.