More Turnkey Woe

Will I ever have a working model?… sigh…

Full moan here, short version below:

On Jan 27th, the Voyager I ordered from Turnkey arrived. Great! But the VX-351 I also ordered arrived:

* with no output adaptor card
* with a Yamaha UK KPA-3 power supply included (hello? PSU for a VX?)
* with another copy of the Voyager manual

So, pretty obviously they’d sold me a demo VX as new. But I held my temper and phoned. It’s been a frustrating interval: I’ve had very poor service, they refused to send me a new, boxed VX and claimed that it was Moog USA’s fault. When I asked why Moog USA would ship out Yamaha UK power supplies, they went quiet.

Today I rang again and actually got a helpful bloke who said that my file hadn’t been updated: as far as they knew, I had no problems! So much for the other bloke claiming he’d send me out a board straight away. Well, I’d had enough so they’re picking it up tomorrow and I’m getting a full refund.


So, can anyone tell me the best place a British customer can buy a VX-351? Have any other Brits used European shops with no problems for Moog gear? Or has anyone imported from Moog USA? Will Moog even do it because of all the stupid copyright malarkey?

All this hassle and dyspepsia just because I wanted to buy some Moog gear… 🙁

Any help gratefully received!