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This site was conceived of by Bob Moog as a way to share information about himself with people around the world.

He passed away on August 21, 2005 before the site was launched.

Many of the articles and pictures contained in the archives were part of his personal collection. His daughter Michelle and son in-law Joseph worked with his direction to obtain the rights to articles and photos. His express desire was to help students, engineers, musicians, reporters, and others interetested in the art and science of electronic music to learn more about his personal history.

Thank You,
Matt Moog

Bob Moog is proof of how one person’s actions can reach out and influence hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people. Of course, if he’d never been born, we would still have had synthesizers but it’s hard to imagine a musical world without Moog’s instruments. His was the breakthrough vision, taking synthesis out of the experimental labs and into the wider musical world. Revolutionary instruments like the Minimoog brought sound creation to a mass-market. It’s a classic for a reason: here was a small, transportable synthesizer that could be gigged easily. No wonder keyboardists fell in love with it.

I’ve been playing Moogs for 23 years so I personally owe Bob and his entire company a lot. From the humble Rogue up to the Voyager, Moogs have a magic all of their own. I think that magic comes from Bob Moog’s spirit, intelligence and humour.

His site is full of fascinating articles, well worth a read even if you only have a passing interest in synthesis.



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