Trek Synth Brilliance!

Today is a good day to patch your CV to your LFO rate!

I love Trek.

I love synthesizers.

So, imagine my jizzing, fizzing pleasure when I came across the below, via Moogulator:

Kahless Synth Controller

TLN-854 Sword of Kahless
Warrior Class Ribbon Controller
for your Modular Synthesizer


The TLN-854 Sword of Kahless is an amalgamation of a Doepfer R2M Ribbon to MIDI Interface and an unreleased ribbon controller I built for myself in early 2005. The R2M has some nice features (programmable, pitch quantization, no droop, MIDI in/out, position and pressure sensor) but is rather weak in the analogue control voltage section with only two outputs (position and pressure) and one gate output (position only). The TLN-854 remedies these limitations by using the R2M as the core of the ribbon controller and adding a substantially enhanced analogue output section (see feature list below). The R2M is itself not modified, merely enhanced, and thus all of its features are still available. You can download the R2M User Guide from Doepfer, but be warned that the section describing the analogue control voltage section is not correct; they need to update it.
(Source: Tellun Corporation)

What could be better than a modular synth controller called Sword of Kahless?

Well, how about an enormous MOTM modular called Darmok? :

Darmok Modular Synth

Mmmm…. Sucat, his eyes uncovered!