Apple Tablet?

Apple Tablet

Via Engadget, it appears that Apple are patenting designs for a new touchy-feely tablet interface.

(Allegedly) The new interface / display will let you use motions, gestures and multiple touchpoints to interact with your future Mac. Sounds a little bit like this:


That’s a Neanda touchscreen. It’s optimised for pro-audio work. Of course, it’s only a touch display, not an entire tablet computer like Apple’s new jobby will be (I hope).

What would be really nifty is if they can find some way of making touchscreens extrude controls or at least simulate them by perhaps ultrasonically vibrating parts of their surface? Imagine a tablet Mac that, when you’re using Word, pops up a keyboard on the screen. But when you switch to Pro Tools, those keys sink back down and are replaced by faders and pan pots. The extrusion wouldn’t have to be much, maybe a 2mm or so bevel but it would make using touchscreens far more intuitive and fun. I’ve tried typing on touchscreens and it’s a haphazard and slow process due to the absence of tactile feedback.

Where is my roll-up, memoryplastic computer? I want it NOW!