Day: February 1, 2006

  • Now It Can Be Revealed

    Yes, the Arctic Monkeys are a good pop band, yeah they seem like lovely lads. But why has everyone ignored their debut release? It’s one of the best things these old ears have ever heard! Not heard it? Well, say ‘thanks Uncle Jyoti’ and click on the linky below: Arctic Monkeys’ Debut! FANTASTIC!

  • Bless Playlist 31/1/06

    Tonight’s best new song was ‘The Tank’ by VAEG. Where did I find you this, shiny, shiny gem? Why, on the cyberwent of course! VAEG is Thomas J. Oldani and he makes wonderful electronic music that you should check out if you’ve ever nodded along to Boards of Canada, Ochre, Cheju, Touane or any other…