Bless Playlist 17/1/06

Mikkel Metal
Mikkel Metal… so very nearly Metal Mickey….

In a shock development, tonight’s top new tune was not by a Swede! Yep. It was ‘Align’ by the extremely lustrous Mikkel Metal who is… Danish. ‘Align’ is gorgeously sparse minimal electronic music and it’s taken from Mikkel’s album, ‘Victimizer,’ which is released in twelve days. Get your pre-orders in now, bleepy-clicky-bloopy fans!

Jangly hyperlords, McCarthy

The best old tune tonight was ‘Write To Your MP Today’ by McCarthy. Here are the lyrics:

If you are under attack, I’ve got news for you
They’ve got away with it for long
Here’s what to do
Here’s what to do today

Oh go ahead, don’t be afraid
Go on ahead and write to your MP

Oh go ahead, don’t be afraid
Go on ahead and write to your MP

If twenty racists are battering at your door
The friends of the thing you trust threaten to make your life hell
Well I’ve got news for…

If the gay-bashers are throwing rocks at your head
Enough is enough
We must campaign for the return of Labour to power

So go ahead, don’t be afraid
Go on ahead and write to…
Oh go ahead, don’t be afraid
Go on ahead and write to your MP

I’m amazed so many people misunderstood McCarthy at the time, missed their sarcasm and righteous anger and lumped them in with all the woolly-jumpered Red Wedge reformists. Aren’t those lyrics painfully explicit? Whatever, if you’ve got a liking for anything remotely known as “indie” and you haven’t got several McCarthy records in your collection, you’re missing out hugely. I still miss the buggers.

Tonight, youse hoird:

Cornelius – Count Five Or Six
Heatmiser – Disappearing Ink
The Lancaster Orchestra – Bad Horse
Karneige – Dusted
Telex – Rock Around The Clock
The Joggers – Ziggurat Traffic
Saskrotch – Super Spy Hunter
New Flesh – Norbert & Cecil Featuring Roots Manuva
Puffy Amiyumi – K2G
Jackal & Hyde – Dark Star
Lamb Of God – Purified
Andrew Gold – Lonely Boy
Shellac – Squirrel Song
Julie London – You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Parakit
Jeans Team – Oh Bauer
Keith Masters – Resume
Actarus – Hundekeks
Orgue Electronique – Pong
Brakes – Sometimes Always
Cheek – Mökkireissu
A+P – Kontrolle
Refree – Faltas Leves
Modeselektor – Dancingbox (Featuring TTC)
Goldspot – Rewind
Danger Doom – Space Ho’s
John Barry – Hit And Miss
Jarcrew – Paris + The New Math
Ochre – Drink Malk
Tokyo Eye – Tori Spelling Wears Me Out
Quasimoto – Rappcats Part 3
The Samuel Jackson Five – If You Show Off The Milk, Who’s Gonna Buy The Cow?
Victor Scott – Chimp Farm
Isolee – Schrapnell
The Fall – Spoilt Victorian Child
Royce Da 5’9 & Mc Jean Gab’1 – Internationally Known
Stars – Ageless Beauty
Mikkel Metal – Align
Sambassadeur – Between The Lines
Cats On Fire – Higher Grounds
McCarthy – Write To Your Mp Today
Non Phixion – Rock Stars
Sibiria – Men I Tusen År