General Wants Blair Impeached

General Sir Michael Rose
Michael Rose

During the build-up to war and since, most of the electorate of this country have consistently opposed the decision to invade. People have seen their political wishes ignored for reasons now proved false. But there has been no attempt in parliament to call Mr Blair personally to account for what has transpired to be a blunder of enormous strategic significance. It should come as no surprise therefore that so many of this country’s voters have turned their backs on a democratic system they feel has so little credibility and is so unresponsive.

No one can undo the decision to go to war. But the impeachment of Mr Blair is now something I believe must happen if we are to rekindle interest in the democratic process.
(Source: The Guardian)

The above is a statement by General Sir Michael Rose. Get that? General Sir. I’m not emphasising those titles because they mean anything to me: I admire neither generals nor knights. But they should be a guide as to how establishment this man his, how thoroughly he comes from the other side of the tracks to loony lefties like me.

And General Sir Michael Rose wants Butcher Blair impeached.

Please have a proper read of Rose’s case, linked above. I appreciate Rose’s case for the importance of rekindling our faith in British democracy, but personally I’d like to see Blair impeached for the 100,000 Iraqis he’s helped to murder.

Will there ever be justice for those innocents?

Bless Playlist 10/1/06


Tonight’s best new tune is off a fabby new comp released two days ago, ‘Cowboys In Scandinavia.’ It’s Junip‘s cover of ‘The Ghost Of Tom Joad’ and it’s a brilliant version, haunting and elegaic. Don’t be fooled by the cowboy tag, by the way, the comp just features a lot of singer-songwriters, some countryish, some folky. Well worth checking out if you like strong melodies and the occasional yee-haw. I don’t know owt about Junip as their site is cursed by Flash. Gah! But my ears tell me a certain Mr. José González may be involved… Have a listen yourself by clicking here. Ahh, hold on! Just found this:

Junips första bedrifter som band åstadkoms 1997. Barndomsvännerna José González och Elias Araya, som har ett gediget musikaliskt förflutet tillsammans, mötte på Elias initiativ upp med Tobias Winterkorn.
(Source: Beat Agency)

There! All clear now?


The best old track was BDP’s ‘My Philosophy.’ I remember seeing the vid for this on Snub TV back in ’88, when great hip hop could still get on mainstream telly. It was mind-blowing and the album it’s off, ‘By All Means Necessary,’ helped define what excellence in hip hop means: truth, humour, anger and humility. No wonder everyone’s sampled the hell out of KRS-1.

Fresh for ’88, you SUCKAS! :

Wolf Parade – Shine A Light
Pendle Coven – R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Danger Doom – Space Hos
Agnostic Front – Hardcore! (The Definition)
Islands – Rough Gem
Dead Kennedys – Stealing People’s Mail
Jeans Team – Oh Bauer
Luna – Tiger Lily
Emanon – Four Square
Sufjan Stevens – All Good Naysayers, Speak Up!
The Red Chord – L Formation
The Human League – Being Boiled
Out Hud – It’s For You
Saskrotch – Super Spy Hunter
The Perceptionists – Memorial Day
Serguei Iwanikov – Let Me
Teenage Fanclub – Cells
Brakes – Heard About Your Band
Percee P – Day At The Races (Feat. Jurassic 5 & Big Daddy Kane)
Actarus – Hundekeks
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Parakit
Terminal 11 – Fast Asleep
The Human Value – Kill Pangs
Broken Social Scene – Major Label Debut (Fast)
De Puta Madre – Vandal
Deerhoof – Milkman
Jackson And His Computer Band – Tropical Metal
The Unicorns – The Clap
Boogie Down Productions – My Philosophy
Remembering Never – The Glutton
Belle And Sebastian – Legal Man
Supercar – Harmony
EPMD – Pioneers
The Lancaster Orchestra – Bad Horse
Minor Threat – Filler
The Soft Pink Truth – Out Of Step
Devo – Be Stiff
Bearsuit – Hey Charlie Hey Chuck
Teriyaki Boyz – Celebrity Death Match
John Carpenter – Halloween Theme
Feist – One Evening
Acustic – Flow
A Tribe Called Quest – Jam
Sebadoh – Ocean
Frog Pocket – Celebrimbor Tur-Anion
Junip – The Ghost Of Tom Joad
Weezer – Island In The Sun