Sony Sued AGAIN

Sony Infected CDs

Sony-BMG is being sued in class actions in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia, just as it begins to settle some of the cases against it in the USA.

The revelation that Sony had deliberately infected its music CDs with invisible spyware and rootkits that installed themselves without your consent and left you vulnerable to cyber-attacks prompted several class-action and state lawuits across the US. Sony has settled some (though individuals can opt out and take Sony to small-claims court), but just as fast as they make one claim go away, another pops up.
(Source: Boing Boing)

Poor old Sony!

All they were trying to do is spy on every single customer they have illegally and BAM!, they get sued for their concern about our listening habits.

So what if their lovely software craps up your PC? That’s your fault for, er, something or other. Sony, as a big business, have every right to infect millions of computers with malware. It’s only a crime when a teenage geek does it. When big business does it, it’s ‘behaving responsibly.’