Bless Playlist 13/12/05

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
SKWBN, rocking like bastards

Tonight’s top new tune was yet another Swedish indie combo, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names. It was the goirgeous ‘Loop Duplicate My Heart’ and it’s yet another example of how Sweden is now the king, queen and kong of all things indiepop. Because I love you, you can be lazy and have a listen to it by clicking here. And then pretend to your hipster friends that you’re fully down with the happening Swedie Indish scene. G’wan!

Kraftwerk, rocking like bastards

The best old track tonight was obviously Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer Liebe.’ Kraftwerk have never done a bad track but I played this one because of the sham of a mockery of a travesty er, heartfelt tribute that is Coldplay’s ‘Talk.’ Hearing the original in all its splendour only confirms Kraftwerk’s genius. This track is also from the best album ever, ‘Computerwelt.’ Even though it’s twenty-four years old now, contemporary megastars are still ripping it off and it informs every modern genre, from whingey indie through microsound to hip hop. Let us bow down before Kraftwerk and beg to kiss the hem of their garments.

Tonight, you heard:

Broken Social Scene – Major Label Debut (Fast)
Del The Funky Homosapien – I’m Gonna Make It
Yoshinori Sunahara – Clipper’s Discoteque Break
The Cramps – Garbageman
Ilkae – Soda’s Theme
Soundtrak – Available Memory
Skinnyman – No Big Ting
California Oranges – Run Away
Ratatat – Seventeen Years
Vordul Mega – Struggles
Teenage Fanclub – Cells
Wolf Parade – Shine A Light
Nautilis – Hoax
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Loop Duplicate My Heart
Murs – Bad Man!
Modey Lemon – Sleepwalkers
Stereolab – Ping Pong
Nobody & Mystic Chords Of Memory – Decisions, Decisions
Asian Dub Foundation – New Way, New Life
Royal Fam – All The Kings Men
Rufus Wainwright – California
Islands – Rough Gem
Feraillus – Midnight Spell
Half Man Half Biscuit – Four Skinny Indie Kids
Modeselektor – Dancingbox (Featuring TTC)
The Boy Least Likely To – Be Gentle With Me
Black Mountain – Druganaut
Teriyaki Boyz – School Of Rock
Jeans Team – Oh Bauer
Kraftwerk – Computer Liebe
Skomoni – Le Jeu Du Rap
Agent Simple – Make A Right At Jordsfallmotet
Battery Collection – Convincing St. Peter It Was An Accident
Love Is All – Spinning And Scratching
Sibiria – Hat Tillbaks
The Perceptionists – Memorial Day
Ambulance LTD – Stay Tuned
Amari – Conoscere Gente Sul Treno
The Hartmans – Indiependent
Chilly Gonzales – Take Me To Broadway
Frog Pocket – Celebrimbor Tur-Anion