Arrested For What?

Maya Evans, 25, this week became the first person to be convicted under the new laws banning demonstrations near Parliament. She was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £100 in costs after being found guilty of breaching Section 132 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005. Her “serious” crime was to stand by the Cenotaph, close to Downing Street, reading aloud the names of the 97 British soldiers who have died in Iraq.
(Source: The Independent)

We’re constantly hearing about how the evil league of terrorists out there are out to destroy our very way of life, our grand freedoms.

I actually believe this. I believe that Bin Laden and his handful of psycho fuckheads would subjugate us in a repressive state or, failing that, kill us. They’re murderers, pure and simple.

But it isn’t Bin Laden currently destroying our freedom of speech: it’s Tony Blair.

The double act of Blair and Blair (that’s Tony and Ian), wave terrorism at us to demand ever more restrictive, invasive and unjust laws. They’re whittling away our rights every day. It’s a creeping fascism.

At every step we’re given bland assurances that the powers they ask for would only be applied in the interests of our national security. Really? What kind of threat was Maya Evans when Blair’s stormtroopers arrested her?

Britain is now a country where reading a list of names of British soldiers who have died in combat has become a crime.

I cannot believe this. If someone had told me this was going to happen ten years ago, I would have dismissed it as ultra-left paranoia. And yet, here we are. In Butcher Blair’s toadying to Bush, he’s dragged this country into a position where our basic freedom of speech is gone.

Please read the full article, linked above, for other examples of how Blair and his boys in blue are protecting our freedoms by abolishing them.