Taxes For Old Rope

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is responsible for 11 websites, including what may be the least-visited on the web. UK World Heritage Sites ( managed just 77 unique visitors last year, Richard Caborn, the minister responsible, told parliament. The site’s top news item announces a seminar taking place in May this year. Another site, Agora (, supposed to help the department and its sponsored bodies communicate, had 457 visits last year. Together, the department’s 11 sites cost £43.4m in the financial year 2004-05, Caborn said.
(Source: The Guardian)

Hmmm… 11 websites, £43.4 million pounds a year? Sounds like a great use of my tax money. I mean, could you maintain a website that attracts 77 visitors a year with a budget of only £3.9 million pounds? C’mon!

For the last couple of years, I’ve been getting around 8000 unique visitors per month reading Bzangy. That’s 96,000 a year. And I’ve managed this paying out a massive £100 a year to my webhost (hi, Keyvan!).

How about this: I’ll take over the running of all the Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s websites, including commercial hosting with industrial bandwidth, unlimited email addresses and, as a little sweetener, some lovely animated gifs. And I’ll do all this for a tenth of what they’re paying now. That’s right, I’ll charge them only £4.34 million pounds a year. Bargain!

Does anyone in the government actually have even the vague inkling of a clue about contemporary technology? How the hell does nearly forty-four million quid of our money get spent on just one department’s websites?