Bless Playlist 6/12/05

The Bristols
The Bristols… ahh, how we loved their vintage rocking

Bit of a different night tonight as it was the Komakino Xmas Party/Gig night. So, my playlist is a little more indieish than usual, a little less hip hop, much longer and I actually play two songs by the same band! Yes, it’s my pet hate but how could I refuse a request for The Bristols. I was just immensely startled I’d found another fan. Yep, yep. And, reversing my usual order, I can tell you that the best old tune tonight was The Bristols’ ‘Who Does She Think She Is?’ Have a listen to it by clicking here if you fancy a bit of class retro-indiepop-French-chanteuse stomping.

Jeans Team
Jeans Team. Funky as fuck.

The best new track was Jeans Team‘s ‘Oh Bauer.’ It’s another track that actually came out in my DJing hiatus, I think I’m all caught up now.

What can I say about Jeans Team? Well, they’re from Berlin, they also released the ultramarvellous ‘Baby 3 ‘ which I’ve played a hell of a lot when DJing and they’ve made one of my fave albums this year with their ‘Musik Von Oben.’

‘Oben’ is simply one of the best electronic albums I’ve ever heard. Unlike a lot of contemporary indielectro, Jeans Team have got inside the process of making electropop, deconstructed it and then re-assembled it anew. Yes, it clunks and blips, yes there are swoops and squeals but, crucially, it has the melodic depth, exquisite arrangement and timbral layering that few electro-dilletantes have. If you’re a true fan of electropop, if you love the pioneers like Kraftwerk, Telex and Yellow Magic Orchestra, you’ll love this brave, stupid, clever, playful album.

Tonight, youse hoird:

The Samuel Jackson Five – If You Show Off The Milk, Who’s Gonna Buy The Cow?
Soundtrak – Available Memory
Broken Social Scene – 7/4 (Shoreline)
The Decemberists – July, July!
Jeans Team – Oh Bauer
The Locust – Identity Exchange Program Rectum Return Policy
Riddle Of Steel – Baby Bird
Percee P – Day At The Races
Cats On Fire – Higher Grounds
Ochre – Drink Malk
Fugazi – Waiting Room
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Loop Duplicate My Heart
Atmosphere – Spaghetti Straps
The Hartmans – Indiependent
Elliott Smith – Son Of Sam
Modeselektor – Dancingbox (Featuring TTC)
The Fall – Mr. Pharmacist
The Perceptionists – Memorial Day
Throwdown – Raiseyourfist
Why? – Sanddollars
Wolf Parade – Shine A Light
2for5 – 100 Centre Street
Agent Simple – Make A Right At Jordsfallmotet
Bear Vs. Shark – 5, 6 Kids
Blackalicious – Excellent
Quintron – Place Unknown
International Noise Conspiracy – The Black Mask
Refused – Summerholidays Vs. Punkroutine
The Blow – Pile Of Gold
Say Hi To Your Mom – Laundry
RATATAT – Seventeen Years
Black Lipstick – Viva Max
Boards Of Canada – Roygbiv
Morphine – Buena
Bit Shifter – Double Density
The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir – I Know A Girl
Bristols – Who Does She Think She Is
Raising The Fawn – Gwendolyn
Jamie Lidell – Multiply
Teenage Fanclub – Cells
Vernon Lenoir – Cruug, Flar, Gorl
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – Walking On Your Hands
McCarthy – Now Is The Time For An Iron Hand
Channel Live – Down Goes The Devil
My Bloody Valentine – You Made Me Realise
Sonic Youth – Sunday
Reef The Lost Cauze – Give It Up
The Fucking Champs – Never Enough Neck 1
Ilkae – Soda’s Theme
The Charade – Monday Morning
Cunninlynguists – Since When
Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes
Bristols – You’re A Moody Guy
Thee Headcoatees – Come Into My Mouth
B. Fleischmann – Broken Monitors