Sir Ian Blair: Liar

Sir Ian Liar
Never trust a copper

Britain’s senior police chief is to be investigated over complaints that he gave misleading information about the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian electrician wrongly suspected of being a suicide bomber.

The conduct of Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, and his staff, will be examined by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. It follows a complaint by Mr Menezes’s family who claimed that Sir Ian and the Met misled them and the public immediately after the shooting.

On the day of the shooting, Sir Ian told a news conference that, as far as he understood, the man shot dead was directly linked to the anti-terrorist operation after the failed attacks.

Scotland Yard was also quoted as saying that Mr Menezes’s “clothing and demeanour” added to suspicions that he was a suspected suicide bomber.
(Source: The Independent)

I’ve already ranted about how the police lied about Menezes, how they tried to cover up those lies and even arrested those exposing their cover-up.

More recently, liar-in-chief, Sir Ian “shoot first” Blair, has been spearheading the demands for long-term internment without trial. He appears to believe our lives and liberty are his for the taking.

Do you remember the day of the shooting? What a lovely media bullshit blizzard the Met police created. Oh, it was a swarthy Asian bloke in a heavy coat and rucksack, vaulting barriers and ignoring shouts to stop.

Only it wasn’t. It was actually a light-skinned Brazilian bloke, just trying to make his way across London. No coat, no bag, no barrier-leaping. The gap between the leaked reality and the falsified Met version, unquestioningly gobbled-up and repeated by our TV news, is enormous.

The Menezes family hit the nail on the head:

In a statement, the Menezes Family Campaign said: “Sir Ian Blair, as head of the Metropolitan Police, bears ultimate responsibility for the Menezes killing and that he deliberately tried to cover up what really happened after Jean’s death. We believe these ‘off the record’ briefings were attempts to mislead the public and cover up the fact that the police had killed an innocent man.”
(Source: The Independent)

It’s another lie in the great wall of lies that comprises the War On Terror. It’s another death where the killers remain free and the man ultimately responsible for their actions doesn’t even have the basic honour and decency to resign.