Killer Cola

Killer Coke

I’m just watching a BBC 2 documentary about Coca Cola and its current downturn. Nutritionists, lefties, anti-globalists, even Arnie is anti-coke. Yep, The Terminator is anti-Coca Cola!

All of which makes me wonder about Jack White’s decision to do an advert song for Coca Cola.

Is he:

1. So fucking stupid he doesn’t realise the company he’ll be promoting is linked with torture and murder?
2. So arrogant/apolitical that he just doesn’t care?

Oooh, but it’s sooo tasty!:

White’s enthusiasm for the soft drink is the real thing. An unabashed Coke head, White once told that he used to down “six [Cokes] a day” and that “it’s the greatest drink ever made by man.”
(Source: E Online)

Here’s a list of murdered union leaders at Coca Cola plants:

Killed By Coca Cola

Which is it, Jack? Stupid or evil?

Frankly, I’ve always thought The White Stripes were a bag of whank on a stick musically. Now they’ve found their ideal corporate partner! And they won’t even have to change the colour of their stage-clothes.

Please click here to find out more about the Killer Coke campaign.

Cornstarch Weirdness

Cornstarch Weirdness

Via BoingBoing, have a look at a video of cornstarch behaving extremely strangely. The above grab is from the end of the video, where it became an unholy monster. I’m hoping it’s a CGI-fake but I suspect the truth is that cornstarch actually is an evil demon, merely waiting for a bit of water and a tap to EAT US ALIVE! Save us, oh Great Pumpkin!

Click here to see the video!