Mystery Jets Live!

Mystery Jets: Kai and William

On Monday, I popped into town. As I was ambling past Superdrug, I saw a lad walking past. Looked familiar. Hmmm… then I realised it was William Mystery Jet, as on the right in the pic above. Well, of course I accosted him. He looked a bit startled but remembered me from the last Vic gig. And, lovely chap that he is, stuck me on his guest list for the gig that night!

So I went to the Vic, expecting to see one great band. I saw three, all for free! 🙂

The Good Shoes
Good Shoes (click here for their pics) were first on and they were spunky, jagged fun. And even though Charlie the dog joined them on stage and tried to trip them up, they still maintained their machined guitar riffs.

The Noisettes (click here for their pics) came on and startled the audience, leaping all over the shop and doing a set that went from the gentlest crooning to crazyapeshit slugs of guitar noise. Again, lovely!

And then the Jets (click here for their pics) came on. And they played an even better gig that last time. There’s just something about the way they play live, a sense of fun and adventure that’s missing from a lot of rock bands. And, apart from labelling them broadly as “indie”, there’s no convenient box to stick them in. Which is very refreshing.

Afterwards, I chatted with the bands, all of them good eggs. Not one of them was arsey or up themselves at all. Again, how often can you say that about indie bands, eh? Click here for a few after show pics.

I hope Mystery Jets do well in the states, they deserve success both as people and for the mental amount of gigs they’re playing. The crazy fuckers!