Bored With Post-Emo Singing

Bobcat Goldthwaite
Bobcat Goldthwaite. Should be sueing as many bands as Gang Of Four.

I’m currently wading through new music, trying to find gems to play tonight when I’m DJing.

Maybe it’s post-Sweden malaise but I’m finding fuck-all new non-Swedish indie that’s worth much. Everything has got that kitchen-sink production, layers of crap over everything. And over the churning, over-instrumented morass, the yelpy lead vocal.

Look, I like The Arcade Fire. I don’t mind Modest Mouse. I even like a couple of Bright Eyes songs. But does everyone now have to sing in that same, yelpy indie voice? You know the voice I mean, exactly like Bobcat Goldthwaite in Scrooged.

I am so fucking bored of this strangled, quavery, wavery vocal style. Fair enough if it’s just how you sing but it’s so obviously put on by every American-sounding indie band now. It’s as overdone as the doomy Ian Curtis style.

There’s shedloads of great new electronic music out there, and hip hop too. It’s just the indie rock I’m finding completely dull and formulaic.

Fuck. Don’t people have their own voices any more? Is everything just a set of artfully glued-up templates?

I’ve just listened to four new bands, all critically acclaimed, who sing like Bobcat.

Stop it now, you boring bastards.