Bless Playlist 29/11/05

B. Fleishcman

Tonight’s best new tune was the glacially calm ‘Broken Monitors’ by B. Fleischman. It’s one of those songs that never labours but builds gently into a twinkling clockwork lullaby. You can have a listen to a clip of the track for yourself at the Morr Music site but you’ll need pesky Flash installed. 🙁 Mr Fleischman has got his own download page here, loads of tracks there to have a listen to. The album this track is taken from, ‘The Humbucking Coil,’ will be released in February 2006.

Beat Happening

I first DJed tonight’s best old tune when it came out, fifteen years ago. Doesn’t time fly, eh? Anyway, Beat Happening‘s ‘Hot Chocolate Boy’ sounds as sublimely crazed and horny now as it did then. No one can sing like Calvin.

Tonight, you heard:

Chin Up Chin Up – I Hope For Tumbleweeds
Funkstorung – I Want Some Fun
Vapnet – Kalla Mig
Ochre – Drink Malk
A Certain Ratio – Shack Up
Blackalicious – Excellent
The Hartmans – Indiependent
13 & God – Men Of Station
Karlito & Rak – Tout Le Monde En Parle
Refree – Faltas Leves
Nebula – Giant
Vorpal – Track #13
Wolf Parade – Shine A Light
Percee P – Day At The Races (Feat. Jurassic 5 & Big Daddy Kane)
This Mortal Coil – Sixteen Days
The Lucksmiths – Camera-Shy
Modeselektor – Dancingbox (Featuring TTC)
Andrew Gold – Lonely Boy
The Chalets – No Style
Antipop Consortium – Place The Face
Winterpills – Laughing
Minor Threat – Minor Threat
The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir – I Know A Girl
Sweatshop Union – Us
Beat Happening – Hot Chocolate Boy
Multiplex – For Your Love
Broken Social Scene – Major Label Debut (Fast)
Cats On Fire – Higher Grounds
Cyne – Moonlight
Stars – Ageless Beauty
Vernon Lenoir – Cruug, Flar, Gorl
B. Fleischmann – Broken Monitors
Agent Simple – Make A Right At Jordsfallmotet
Quasimoto – Rappcats Part 3
Why? – Sanddollars
Data Panik – Sense Not Sense
The Charade – Monday Morning
Richard Davis – Honest With You
Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk
Randy Newman – Love Story
Danger Doom – El Chupa Nibre
Sufjan Stevens – Chicago

Sir Ian Blair: Liar

Sir Ian Liar
Never trust a copper

Britain’s senior police chief is to be investigated over complaints that he gave misleading information about the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian electrician wrongly suspected of being a suicide bomber.

The conduct of Sir Ian Blair, the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, and his staff, will be examined by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. It follows a complaint by Mr Menezes’s family who claimed that Sir Ian and the Met misled them and the public immediately after the shooting.

On the day of the shooting, Sir Ian told a news conference that, as far as he understood, the man shot dead was directly linked to the anti-terrorist operation after the failed attacks.

Scotland Yard was also quoted as saying that Mr Menezes’s “clothing and demeanour” added to suspicions that he was a suspected suicide bomber.
(Source: The Independent)

I’ve already ranted about how the police lied about Menezes, how they tried to cover up those lies and even arrested those exposing their cover-up.

More recently, liar-in-chief, Sir Ian “shoot first” Blair, has been spearheading the demands for long-term internment without trial. He appears to believe our lives and liberty are his for the taking.

Do you remember the day of the shooting? What a lovely media bullshit blizzard the Met police created. Oh, it was a swarthy Asian bloke in a heavy coat and rucksack, vaulting barriers and ignoring shouts to stop.

Only it wasn’t. It was actually a light-skinned Brazilian bloke, just trying to make his way across London. No coat, no bag, no barrier-leaping. The gap between the leaked reality and the falsified Met version, unquestioningly gobbled-up and repeated by our TV news, is enormous.

The Menezes family hit the nail on the head:

In a statement, the Menezes Family Campaign said: “Sir Ian Blair, as head of the Metropolitan Police, bears ultimate responsibility for the Menezes killing and that he deliberately tried to cover up what really happened after Jean’s death. We believe these ‘off the record’ briefings were attempts to mislead the public and cover up the fact that the police had killed an innocent man.”
(Source: The Independent)

It’s another lie in the great wall of lies that comprises the War On Terror. It’s another death where the killers remain free and the man ultimately responsible for their actions doesn’t even have the basic honour and decency to resign.

Another Republican Criminal

Randy “war profiteer scumbag liar” Cunningham

A Republican congressman pleaded guilty yesterday to conspiracy and tax charges – tearfully resigning from office, after admitting he took $2.4m (£1.7m) in bribes to steer defence contracts to co-conspirators.

Randy “Duke” Cunningham, 63, entered pleas in US District Court to charges of conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud and wire fraud, and tax evasion for under-reporting his income in 2004. Mr Cunningham, of California, answered “Yes, Your Honor” when asked by US District Judge Larry Burns if he had accepted bribes from someone in exchange for his performance of official duties.
(Source: The Independent)

These are the criminals who run America. Profiteering from war, passing defence contracts to their buddies in return for fat kickbacks, sending the children of their electorate off to die in foreign lands with not even a tear of remorse. The stinking corpses of their victims pile up around them and all the time they ignore the stench and keep counting their dollars.

“Duke” Cunningham just happens to have been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. But, right-wing Americans being the absolute fucking idiots they are, he’ll probably now become a hero. Hell, he’ll probably get institutes named after him like Ronald Reagan has.

After all, he seems far more intelligent and lucid than the current President. At least Cunningham can string a coherent sentence together, even if it’s mostly composed of obscenity and invective:

Before a group of elderly cancer patients in Alvarado Hospital, Mr. Cunningham made obscene remarks and gestures. After he said the defense budget was the lowest in 25 years, a member of the audience, Charles Cotton, a WW II veteran, commented that it was “not low enough.” The embarrassed audience was shocked when Mr. Cunningham replied by giving Mr. Cotton “the bird” finger gesture and said “f–k you.”

No wonder Cunningham thought defence budgets were too low – he probably wanted to buy himself yet another house:

Prosecutors said Mr Cunningham had taken bribes that enabled him to buy a mansion, a suburban Washington house, a yacht and a Rolls-Royce.
(Source: The Independent)

So, the next time you see Bush or Rice or Cheney or Rumsfeld on telly, any of the warmongering scum profiting from the murder of innocents, just remember the only difference between them and Randy “Duke” Cunningham is that they haven’t been caught.


Rentacops Murder Iraqis

A “trophy” video appearing to show security guards in Baghdad randomly shooting Iraqi civilians has sparked two investigations after it was posted on the internet, the Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

The video has sparked concern that private security companies, which are not subject to any form of regulation either in Britain or in Iraq, could be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent Iraqis.

The video, which first appeared on a website that has been linked unofficially to Aegis Defence Services, contained four separate clips, in which security guards open fire with automatic rifles at civilian cars.

In one of the videoed attacks, a Mercedes is fired on at a distance of several hundred yards before it crashes in to a civilian taxi. In the last clip, a white civilian car is raked with machine gun fire as it approaches an unidentified security company vehicle. Bullets can be seen hitting the vehicle before it comes to a slow stop.
(Source: Common Dreams)

Every day now, I come across a story like this. More horror about yet another way innocent Iraqis are being murdered by their Western “liberators.” And none of it is ever shown on our TV news so, for most of the populace, the horror doesn’t exist. They just see Butcher Blair’s smarmy grin and hear his lies about “liberation” and “democracy” in Iraq.

Meanwhile, private security firms are murdering people with no consequence. Just slaughtering them in their cars and videoing the results to show off their prowess. The people carrying out these murders are our generation’s Nazis: they’re the concentration camp guards who joked as they raped and murdered millions of Jews.

The video first appeared on the website The website states: “This site does not belong to Aegis Defence Ltd, it belongs to the men on the ground who are the heart and soul of the company.” The clips have been removed.

The website also contains a message from Lt Col Spicer, which reads: “I am concerned about media interest in this site and I remind everyone of their contractual obligation not to speak to or assist the media without clearing it with the project management or Aegis London.

“Refrain from posting anything which is detrimental to the company since this could result in the loss or curtailment of our contract with resultant loss for everybody.”
(Source: Common Dreams)

Heart and soul of the company? Where do I start here? What kind of psychotic videos themselves murdering people and then sticks that proudly on a website? How fucked in the head do you have to be? And notice that the boss of Aegis, Spicer, is more concerned about his contracts and media profile than if his employees routinely murder people. Nice.

[Capt Adnan Tawfiq of the Iraqi Interior Ministry] said: “When the security companies kill people they just drive away and nothing is done. Sometimes we ring the companies concerned and they deny everything. The families don’t get any money or compensation. I would say we have had about 50-60 incidents of this kind.”

A spokesman for Aegis Defence Services, said: “There is nothing to indicate that these film clips are in any way connected to Aegis.”

Last night a spokesman for the Foreign Office said: “Aegis have assured us that there is nothing on the video to suggest that it has anything to do with their company. This is now a matter for the American authorities because Aegis is under contract to the United States.”
(Source: Common Dreams)

Once again, we murder Iraqis, pass the buck and nothing is done. Those innocents are dead and their killers get away with it, even after videoing their crimes and posting them on the internet.

What kind of hell have we created in Iraq?

Some Tramps


It’s getting near Xmas. In this season, we should spare a thought for those less fortunate. Not in January or the rest of the year, fuck ’em then, just for the next thirty or so days.

Doing my bit, I found the above tramps in the city centre. They were obviously crackheads, they were muttering about some band they claimed to be in. Poor things! So, I bought them a cuppa and gave them 50p each before heading home to my mansion and a very tasty lobster dinner, smothered in caviar and gold. Yum!

Fatherland Security Strikes Again

Bus Pass

One morning in late September 2005, Deb was riding the public bus to work. She was minding her own business, reading a book and planning for work, when a security guard got on this public bus and demanded that every passenger show their ID. Deb, having done nothing wrong, declined. The guard called in federal cops, and she was arrested and charged with federal criminal misdemeanors after refusing to show ID on demand.
(Source: Boing Boing)

So, in the lad of the free, a citizen can’t even travel without being arrested for no reason at all. Brilliant!

If Blair and New Labour have their way, this will become the norm in Britain too. It’s not enough that we’re constantly watched by CCTV wherever we drive or walk, we’ll have to have our biometric ID cards on us too. If we don’t produce them, we’ll be hauled off by Blair’s stormtroopers.

Another good reason to say no to ID.

Bless Playlist 22/11/05

Cats On Fire

Tonight’s top new song was Cats On Fire’s ‘Higher Grounds.’ Part of the new wave of Scandi superindiepop, Cats On Fire make effortless, breezy pop music. It just rolls into your life and into your heart. Plus, their guitarist Ville is a pretty good dancer when you stick Jonathan Richman on. 🙂 Again, if you fancy a listen yourself, please click here.

Tennille & Captain
What else can the best old track be but Captain & Tennille’s ‘Love Will Keep Us Together?’ Just when you think it’s over, they throw that key change in! Ace!

Sage Francis – Gunz Yo
Homosexuals – Soft South Africans
B. Fleischmann – Broken Monitors
Brooks – Roxxy
The Locust – Live From The Russian Compound
Rilo Kiley – The Absence Of God
Nobody & Mystic Chords Of Memory – Decisions, Decisions
Black Lipstick – Viva Max
Percee P – Day At The Races
Vorpal – Track #13
Limblifter – Fiercely Co-Dependent
Rodney P – We Don’t Like Coppers
John Barry – Amicalement Votre
Refree – La Invasión De Los Cuerpos
Why? – Sanddollars
The Perceptionists – Memorial Day
Ochre – Drink Malk
Bear Vs. Shark – Seven Stop Hold Restart
Headphones – Gas & Matches
Jamie Lidell – Multiply
Alex Smoke – Chica Wappa (Mejor Edit)
Winterpills – Laughing
Amari – Conoscere Gente Sul Treno
Agent Simple – Make A Right At Jordsfallmotet
Consequence – Caught Up In The Hype
Au Revoir Simone – Backyards Of Our Neighbours
Spoon – Small Stakes
The Sadies – 1000 Cities Falling (Part 1)
Frog Pocket – Celebrimbor Tur-Anion
Captain & Tennille – Love Will Keep Us Together
Self Scientific – Change
Nada Surf – Au Fond Du Reve Dorè
Cats On Fire – Higher Grounds
Supercilious – Give Us Back To The Witches
Wolf Parade – Shine A Light
De Puta Madre – Vandal
Monster – Gone Gone Gone
Jonathan Richman – The Neighbors
Sibiria – Hat Tillbaks
Reef The Lost Cauze – Give It Up
Okkervil River – Black
The Lemonheads – The Outdoor Type

First Front Cover!

SOS Live

If you buy this month’s Sound On Sound magazine (and, if you’re a techy musician, you should), then you’ll get a copy of the SOS Live supplement. And on the cover is a pic I took of Dead By Dawn. It’s actually this pic.

I’m extremely chuffed to get my first magazine front cover. Plus there’s another pic of mine inside the mag too. Not bad as I only bought my first DSLR just over two years ago!

I owe it all to my Canon 10D. And the impeccable taste of the SOS editorial staff, of course. 🙂

iTunes Beats High Street

iTunes has become the seventh largest music retailer in the US, competing with high street music stores.

New research from the NPD Group shows iTunes climbing from last year’s fourteenth place to become as powerful as most music stores on the high street, and predicted the service would edge out more stores by the end of the year.

The iTunes Music Store beat out Tower Records, Sam Goody and Borders in NPD’s third quarter ranking to crack the top ten for the first time ever, the research claimed. iTunes’ fast ascension to seventh place reflects the speed at which users are turning to music online.
(Source: Macworld)

Eight years ago, just after I signed to EMI, I remember saying to one of their head lawyers that they’d better start investing in net technologies. He shrugged off my advice, saying that “copyright is our business” and therefore major labels would stop the internet having any effect on music retail.

I wonder if he remembers my advice now…

Admittedly, it was hardly a Nostradamus-like prediction: any geek worth his or her salt could have seen what was coming. Sadly, major labels don’t employ geeks so this whole cyberwent thing has caught them rather on the hop. Poor things! They’re like silent film stars the year The Jazz Singer came out.

So, well done Apple! But imagine how many more sales iTunes would gain if you actually charged reasonable prices, instead of the same or more than the price of a physical CD.

This is merely a transitional phase. One form of retail has been replaced by another. But in the future, all retail will be producer to customer. Shops will be quaint relics, serving only those curious oldsters who can’t get to grips with a mouse and a keyboard.

Now, if I could just get Apple to acknowledge my existence and let me get my label on iTunes… sigh…