Relief Of Steel

Riddle Of Steel

First, read this.

This email just in:

I’m right there with you as to downloading and my opinions on it, however, what matters more for us at this point is clearly that you liked it, and have been playing it and turning other folks on to it, not to mention you bought the cd(?) anyway. Thanks! It means so much to us.

Again, I suppose I can understand bands getting frustrated with not getting paid for music they wrote and recorded, but you gotta see the big picture right? It ain’t like you’re some random guy who emailed me saying, “Hey dude, I just downloaded your cd for free! Cheers!”

Anyway, thanks again. I’d scribble some questions, but we’re touring at the moment, and have to head out. I’m all outta time.



Woo hoo! They don’t hate my guts! 🙂

If anyone reading this is going to a Riddle Of Steel show, please pass on a big girly snog / strong manly backslap from me to the lads.

As a further plug for the Steels, I can tell you that I bought their excellent album new for around seven quid, p+p inc.! Have a trawl round the net and you’ll find it at very low prices. If you like The Foo Fighters, Wintersleep or Queens Of The Stone Age, I reckon there’s a high probability you’ll enjoy pogoing to Riddle Of Steel.