Quantum Tuition From Bethe

Hans Bethe
The late, great Hans Bethe

I wank on about quantum physics a lot. Nothing too specific, of course, because anything but the most general outline is way beyond me. But with the help of people like John Gribbin and his excellent books, I’ve tried to get a basic understanding.

And now you can too, without even having to leaf through weighty tomes! Hans Bethe himself (who sadly passed away earlier this year) will explain quantum theories to you. That’s right, one of the greatest theoretical physicists will teach you, personally!

In the excellently annotated video lectures linked below, Bethe explains the accuracy and wide-ranging scope of quantum theory. I’ve met many people who believe it’s an esoteric, almost mystical branch of science and who don’t realise that quantum effects underpin the computers they use everyday and even how our sun shines.

Just click here and prepare to have your wig well and truly flipped. Give Hans Bethe a few hours of your time and he’ll give you a new way to look at the world.

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