New CDs

New CDs

From the top, left to right:

The Spy Who Loved Me – OST
House Of Flying Daggers – OST
Cyne – Evolution Fight
The Soviettes – LP III
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – OST
Say Hi To Your Mom – Ferocious Mopes
Wevie Stonder – The Wooden Horse Of Troy
Reef The Lost Cauze – Feast Or Famine

I would like to point out to the RIAA, BPI and any other copyright gangsters that, apart from the soundtracks, the only reason I bought any of the above CDs is because I downloaded them illegally first. I would never have come across these artists in the corporate mass media since it now seems to resemble an intestine bloated with watery shite.

Please check out all the above CDs. They’re all lovely pop albums from the genres of hip hop, punk, indie and electronic silliness. Well worth a listen.

After all, they are all Pikachu-approved. 🙂