New Labour’s Shiny Jackboots

Wolfgang being ejected

Walter Wolfgang, a party member for 57 years, was dragged out of the conference yesterday after shouting “nonsense” as the foreign secretary, Jack Straw, addressed the thorny subject of Iraq during a speech.

Mr Wolfgang, a refugee from Nazi Germany, was later refused permission to re-enter the conference hall by police citing section 44 of the Prevention of Terrorism Act.
(Source: The Guardian)

This is Butcher Blair’s “New” Labour: a party which drags an 82-year-old from his seat, merely for daring to disagree with the Fuhrer’s minion about our slaughter in Iraq.

That would be hideous enough (since when have Labour’s party conferences become as stage-managed as the Tory brayfests?) but then, to bar his re-admission by using the Prevention of Terrorism Act is simply surreal.

How arrogant is New Labour? How arrogant is our government and their police force if they can misuse the law of the land in this horrible, cavalier manner? Shooting innocent civilians, both in Iraq and in London tube stations and now using fascist bully-boy tactics on dissenters?

The saddest part is that for Mr. Wolfgang, who fled from the original Nazis, this must have seemed all too familiar.

Look at the picture above. That’s Blair’s idea of freedom and security: a pensioner being manhandled by hired goons. That’s Blair’s great vision for Britain.

And if you dare to criticise this shining Xanadu, no doubt you’ll be locked up for “preaching hatred.”

Freedom of speech – just watch what you say