Little Britain = Truth

Women's Institute homophobes

The BBC has made changes to Little Britain sketches following complaints from the Women’s Institute.

The organisation took offence at the characters of Judy and Maggie, the bigoted Tory-supporting WI members who vomit at the mere mention of a black person.

The National Federation of Women’s Institutes, which represents 220,000 members, wrote to the BBC demanding changes, including the removal of the WI logo.
(Source: BBC Comedy Blog)

Remember the above? How the W.I. got all in a flap about the gross slur on their character?

Hmmm… Shame about this then, eh? :

A gay author claims his talk to a Women’s Institute has been cancelled because of his sexuality.

Belper WI programme secretary Shirley Sheldon said: “We decided to cancel Mr Annable’s talk after reading some press cuttings, which stated that he was a gay author.

“We thought a talk by someone who is gay would not be suitable for our older members and we did not want him to go into detail about his sexuality.”
(Source: Derby Evening Telegraph)

Yes, of course! Because all gay male authors talk about is cock, innit? They can’t find anything else more interesting than rimming and buggery!

Mr Annable said: “I’m a fairly conventional person and could have easily conducted an interesting talk without even mentioning the subject of homosexuality.”
(Source: Derby Evening Telegraph)

I can just imagine the streams of puke…

“I say, Cynthia, this novel is awfully good!”
“Yes, yes it is, isn’t it? It’s by that gay chap.”
“Er… you know, that homosexualist… Narvel Annable…”

(cue rivers of vomit over book, tea cakes, fancy china, doilies etc.)