Insomnia Part 16,384

I think this was in my room just now

Ahhh… that was refreshing! Just been asleep for from 4am – 6.30am, when I woke with a start, Satie-style. I’m sure I could hear large insectile mandibular clicking in the room too but maybe that was a surfeit of palfreys. If it’s one thing that can rouse me from slumber, it’s the sound of insects eating. I always think, “Hell, if their mouthparts are that large, how big are the actual bodies?”

So, with a solid 2.5 hours behind me, I’m fit to face the world! Yaaay! I’m meant to be going to town today. At this rate, I could even beat the old biddies in. I hope there are no large insects shopping or they’re going to get a stern look from me. Chitinous bastards!

It’s traditional that I inflict my insomniac rambling upon you, my indifferent and slightly-tetchy public. So here goes…

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the music of:

Wevie Stonder
Michel Legrand
Like A Tim
James Newton Howard

and the books of:

Neal Asher
Joe Haldeman
Tricia Sullivan
Charles Stross
Ken MacLeod

Normally I’d hyperlink all that shit up for you but at the moment, I can’t be arsed. Maybe I’ll come back in the future and do it all futuremagically. Or you could just cut and paste it all into Google, which is what I do, hmmm? What am I, your Mother?

I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped at you, darling. It’s just that all work and no sleep makes Jyoti into a homicidal maniac. No, that’s a bit strong, I have been brought up middle-class in England, after all, so I have manners. Let’s just say it’s going to make me irritable all day and a bit moany. I might share my problems with the lady next to me in the queue in Boots, in that classic ‘a problem shared is a problem doubled’ whiny way. But I won’t be embarking on any form of murder spree. I couldn’t possibly – what would the neighbours think?

Ahhh, it’s getting light now outside and the birdies are starting their tweeting. How do they manage to sleep with all that noise outside? Perhaps I should try tucking my head under my armpit?

It’s SEVEN AM now. I’m awake at a reasonable time! This is not how a musician is meant to live…. (sobs)

Sorry about the rambling. It was very unmanly of me. Here’s a pic to cheer you up:
A Dog In A Hat