DJing At The Bless Again!

Bzangy DJing

I just spoke to Tim Bless and I shall be DJing again at The Bless from next Tuesday (27th Sept.). We’ve moved my night to Tuesdays to try and link up with Screamadelica. Plus, it means I won’t be DJing on any Bank Holiday nights. It never worked that well, trying to play new music to a mainstream Bank Holiday crowd.

I’m trying to think of taglines for the flyers/posters. I thought of:

“Playing you the music you’ll love a year from now…”

And I think this has the right balance of arrogance and honesty. 🙂

If you think I’m overselling it, check through some of my old playlists from ’03 and ’04.

Oooh, there’s so much new music I want to play! Cheju, the new Deerhoof album, Riddle Of Steel, Jennifer Gentle… I can’t wait! It won’t be all new stuff, of course, I plan to play some classics by Durutti Column, Channel Live, ISAN and, well, anything I like.