National Antiwar Demo, 24th September

UK Antiwar March 24th September PosterStop the War Coalition with CND and MAB have called a national demonstration for Peace & Liberty on Saturday 24th September, 12noon (note new time), assemble in Parliament Square, London, march to Hyde Park.

There will also be two feeder marches from East & South London, more details to follow.

Derby: Coaches will leave from the Council House, Corporation Street at 8am £12 waged / £6 unwaged Contact us on 01332 382321 as soon as possible for tickets.
(Source: Stop The War)

George Bush declaring the Iraq war over, like the fucking idiot he is

Look at the above photo. In George Bush’s deluded micro-brain, the war in Iraq was over on May 1st, 2003. Today, this happened:

A suicide bomber sparked Baghdad’s worst day of slaughter since the fall of Saddam 30 months ago when he lured labourers desperate for work towards his van by offering them jobs and then detonated explosives that killed 114 and injured 156 of them.
(Source: The Independent)

Please read the full article, linked above, for a portrait of a country delivered into civil war, perhaps even deliberately. In the West we reel at our comparatively small losses at the hands of terrorist murderers. In Iraq, we have created a living hell for the innocent civilians, torn between marauding gangs on one side and a brutal occupying force of torturers and state-licensed murder-squads on the other.

I say again: we have created that hell. Not Al-Quaeda, not some other group of bogeymen waved at us to justify ID cards and other draconian attacks on our freedom: us. We’re the ones who bombed 100,000 Iraqis to death, at the same time as our great leaders were spewing bullshit about “peace” and “human rights” and, of course, “weapons of mass destruction.” Remember them?

The freedoms we have weren’t granted to us from on high by benevolent monarchs or magnanimous capitalists, people fought and died for them. If we don’t get out on the streets to defend our liberty, to defend our way of life, this government will surely rob us of our freedom as it has done the people of Iraq. They now live in a perpetual state of terror, not knowing when they’ll be caught in the crossfire.

On September 24th, you have a chance to stand up against Butcher Blair, against his form of terrorism as well as the terrorists now targetting Britain. Their mindset is identical: murder is justifed by the end goal. Human life is cheap and worthless.

If you believe the opposite, make your voice heard on September 24th.