Self-Tuning Guitars

Self-tuning Guitar

A small computer mounted inside the self tuning guitar controls motors that are linked to each string. The bridge and tailpiece are replaced by the self tuning system, allowing your imagination to run wild.

At the touch of a button or footswitch, motors are activated to adjust the tension of each string.

The sound is not synthetically reproduced or “modeled.” The self tuning system is entirely separate from the audio system in the guitar, keeping the pickups and audio the same. The sound, tone and feel of your guitar stay virtually unchanged.
(Source: TransPerformance)

The other night, we were throwing around future predictions and Rich Slut said he longed for a self-tuning guitar. Well, I had to point out that wasn’t sci-fi since it already exists. I thought everyone knew! That’s why I’m belatedly posting up this article, just in case there are other guitarists out there who are unaware their tuning days could be over. If they’re rich enough…

The TransPerformance self-tuning tech not only keeps your guitar immaculately in tune throughout a gig, it lets you switch to alternate tunings in around a second. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the TransPerformance website and make sure you watch some of the amazing video demos.

This invention will change not only gigs but the way guitarists write songs. Now it’s possible to switch tunings fluidly mid-song, imagine the craziness you could come up with! Apparently, there’s room to store 240 of your own tunings. Who the hell needs 240 alternate tunings?

I wonder if you can store microtonal tunings… mmmm…