Retro Raunch

Retro Raunch

It’s interesting to contrast today’s mainstream porn actresses, with their breast augmentations and Brazilian waxes, with the variety of natural bodies from earlier years. These women have breasts, bellies and hips. They have body hair. Some are skinny, some are fat, most are somewhere in between.

And they’re beautiful.

They pose nude or in skivvies, alone and in groups, as pinups and in hard-core activities that prove the internet generation didn’t invent kink — our great-grandparents did.

Nash believes RetroRaunch serves an important function, beyond entertainment. “People need to understand politically and socially that porn was not born yesterday, that it’s fundamentally harmless, and that people have been looking at it forever,” she says.
(Source: Wired News)

The article above is by Regina Lynn, her excellent Sex Drive column for Wired is the major reason I check that site.

Have a look around Retro Raunch. It’s well worth a visit, even if it’s just to take the free tour. My god, how great is it to see real women with real bodies, not the plastic, Photoshopped weirdness that passes for normal in contemporary porno circles?

Sex is the permanent discovery: every generation of fumbling teenagers thinks they’ve invented it, imagines they’re doing things that have never been done before, worries that putting that bit of flesh there might be against their God’s will / nature / EU advisories.

And yet…

And yet, each of us is another link in a chain of reproduction, obviously un-broken or we wouldn’t be here. We’re just notes in the song without end:

The first fossilized evidence of sexually reproducing organisms is from eucaryotes of the Stenian period, about 1.2 to 1 billion years before the present time.
(Source: Wikipedia)

That’s at least one thousand million years of shagging. A hell of a lot of randy ancestors. The ones that weren’t so randy didn’t leave as many kids.

So, take the time to have a look around Retro Raunch, see if you can spot your Granny in the buff. And remember that the wrinkly old people you pass in the street were once as young and foolish as you are now, feeling the sun on their naked skins in summery fields, furtively wanking each other off when they could steal some privacy. They had just as much trouble juggling love and lust as you are now.

Ahhh love!

What can I say about the whole sticky, sweaty, squirty, wonderful mess that hasn’t been said better below?

Love is the sweetest thing
What else on earth could ever bring
Such happiness to ev’rything
As Love’s old story.

Love is the strangest thing
No song of birds upon the wing
Shall in our hearts more sweetly sing
Than Love’s old story.

Whatever heart may desire
Whatever fate may send
This is the tale that never will tire.
This is the song without end.

Love is the greatest thing
The oldest yet, the latest thing
I only hope that fate may bring
Love’s story to you.

GoldenEye Source

Goldeneye Source

If you hadn’t already figured it out from the name, GoldenEye: Source is a Total Conversion (TC) mod using Half Life 2’s powerful Source engine. The game is being produced by 36 dedicated enthusiasts who all have fond memories of the original GoldenEye for N64 and wanted to update that classic gameplay with 2005 graphics.
(Source: Bit-Tech)

Oh… (drools)

If, like me, you wasted centuries running around in corridors, bouncing grenades around corners or slapping proximity mines on every visible surface (especially in that alcove, just near the body armour), then the news above will have you drooling too.

The gameplay of GoldenEye on the N64 has still never been bettered. Sadly, the graphics have. Going back to play it is still fun but it’s a shock seeing how much it stutters once there’s a few big explosions going on in 4-player mode.

And while we’re at it – can someone please do an update of the original Wipeout? All the sequels were shite, they never had the compelling speed or sense of reality of the original. Do that again, but better!