An Angry American Writes

I got this email from Joalby Phoenix:

Hey Jyoti,
I thought you’d like to read this. It is an article posted September 3rd about a Category 5 storm which hit Cuba last September. the difference is in Cuba noone died and people got away ahead of time. What was the difference?

People are genuinely looking out for oneanother in Cuba. I always get criticism and after posting this on my message board I don’t doubt I’ll get a few hate mail letters. But who cares, it needs ot be said. I have said many times and stand by my idea that communism is a good foundation upon which to build upon. In the US we could learn from that. We have this bullshit idea of a government with a leader who’d rather golf and choke on a pretzel than worry about his people.

This is not the first time Bush or the governement and the US in general has let down her people. Do I believe we would be better off in a communist nation. At the risk of sounding Un-american. YES!. Cuba has demonstrated various times that opposed to what one might say about Castro he seems to genuinely care about Cuba’s people. Some may be poorer some may be richer. But all are looked after.

When Hurricane Ivan hit Cuba.. noone died, everyone had doctors and medical care, and there was NO LOOTING. What the fuck is wrong with us as Americans. It’s so disappointing. If we as a people looked after each other moreso we might not have had so much hurt and loss.

That’s just my opinion but you can see the entire article

See, if you could possibly post that on your site to let people know that not all Americans are the way we are depicted and that we as well as the entire world DO realize that our nation lacks in many aspects and that without proper leadership we will never grow.

This serves as proof that as anation we are so young. We not only have to fear our government not caring
but the reporters the scientists who knew something was coming and did NOTHING to get our brothers and sisters out of danger. We, the USA pride ourselves on calling ourselves brothers and sisters, but what kind of a fucked up relationship are we living in that this is what we would do to our own?

You may agree or disagree with Joalby. I’m posting this to counter the racist anti-Americanism I come across in so-called left-wing circles. It’s the sloppy, idiotic thinking that labels all Americans as gun-toting, Bible-thumping, ignorant Bushites. It’s a grave dis-service to the millions of Americans who, like Joalby, are working every day to try and make their country and the world a better place.