E Ink Rollable Reader


The new version, the Readius mobile e-reader, will be unveiled by Philips subsidiary PolymerVision, at the Internationale Funkausstellung consumer electronics show in Berlin later this week. The Readius prototype will have the same (100µm, QVGA, active-matrix 5-inch display as the PV-QML5, and will roll up into a 7.5 mm tube when not in use.
(Source: Engadget)

Yes, I’d like one of these please. Perhaps in the form of a telescopic wand around 10″ long so I can unroll it when I’m in a cafe and carry on reading the latest Ken Macleod or check the web.

I’m sure that’s not far away.

The above prototype uses E Ink tech:

Electronic ink moves information display to a new dynamic level, with dramatic benefits over traditional media.

Superior Look— Because it’s made from the same basic materials as regular ink and paper, electronic ink retains the superior viewing characteristics of paper, including high contrast, wide viewing angle, and bright paper-white background.

Versatile— Electronic ink can be printed on almost any surface, from plastic to metal to paper. And it can be coated over large areas cheaply.

Low Power— Electronic ink is a real power miser. It displays an image even when the power is turned off and it’s even legible in low light reducing the need for a backlight. This can significantly extend battery life for portable devices.

Scaleable— E Ink’s electronic ink process is highly scaleable, which makes it competitive against today’s older technologies.
(Source: E Ink Corp)

All the reviews I’ve seen of this tech say it’s as or more readable than printed paper. And it only requires power when changing the image! How cool is that? Large surfaces you say? I’d like an E Ink wall, please!

I admit, I don’t read ebooks at the moment. Who wants to stare at an LCD for hours? Or, even worse, some kind of tiny PDA. Yukk – give me a paperback any day. Hi-res, hi-contrast, easy access and zero power consumption.

But if I could fit my favourite 100 or so novels into a larger version of the above device, I may just be tempted.

Just get a colour version sorted and I think we can start saving a lot of trees…