: A Musical Snowball?

Here are some stats for

Stats recorded @ 2005-08-24 06:30:10

3,361 new registrations in last 24 hours
160,671 users listened in last 30 days
128,098 users listened in last 7 days
83,726 users listened in last 24 hours
4,253,230 submissions processed in last 24 hours (49.23 per second)
0 submissions received in last 24 hours (0 per second)
cluster(1) received: 0 queued: 347
cluster(2) received: 0 queued: 1,203

Seems to all be ticking over very nicely. I wonder if the new regs have gone up since the revamp?

Bear in mind that the following graphs were generated just now so the actual figures may not match what I’m saying if this article is very old when you’re reading it.

Country Distribution

Good show, Blighty! But we can do better. C’mon, get clicking! How come Denmark is so low down compared to the other Scandies?

Age Groups

Around 13,400 30+ wrinklies on there. Not bad. And ‘we are all getting old,’ of course 🙂


Gah! Only 27% women? 🙁

I wrote a while ago how Audioscrobbler had regenerated and come back more handsome and toothy as

Since the site’s transmogrification, I’ve found it to be eminently more usable, friendly and geeky.

I guess it helps that this is social networking around a core theme: music. It’s so easy to browse round your favourite bands, see who else likes them and then say hi or add them to your friends. You can get a sense of someone’s personality on I know music isn’t the key to everything but hopefully if someone is a fan of McCarthy, Dead Prez and The Redskins, they’re not a Tory. Or, if they are, they’re broadminded enough for it not to matter overly.

But the absolute best thing about

There are are 13,400 OLD PEOPLE on there!

Yep, geeky people over thirty who actually still listen to music avidly and perhaps even buy new stuff too. An entire layer of the ’80s British indie mafia seem to camp there (just look for the Sarah Records-related bands). Loads of old punks, synthpop kids and hip hop heads too. I set up a group on called ‘Old People, New Music‘ and in just a day, two people messaged out of the blue and joined. Not world domination but a start, innit?

So, if your every waking moment isn’t already spent checking your stats on / spying on others’ music tastes / seeing who’s listening to your band, click here and get Scrobbling er… Lasting?