Organic Choccy Treats

If you’ve never met or seen me in the flesh, you may not be aware that I am something of a gourmand, which is the polite way to say fat bastard who hangs round outside cake shops.

I love good food.

So I was delighted to stumble across these today in Bennetts: chocolate

They are:

Gently roasted organic pumpkin seeds and soya beans with soft, juicy organic raisins covered in organic Belgian milk chocolate.

What they actually are is tiny bites of heaven. If you’re into your chocolate (or seeds/beans), you’ll love these morsels.

They’re made by a Derby firm, Organic Seed and Bean Company, who seem to be based just off Burton Road so I may go and have a root through their bins for any umm, waste choc. You never know…

Buy their lovely products and feel good that you’re supporting a local business as you pile on the pounds.

This is what the packet looks like now: chocolate...all scoffed

Gorn…all gorn! 🙁

P.S. For all you vegans, the chocs are shellac-free so you can happily munch on the plain choc version.